Sarasota's Property Insurance Attorney


The Molinari Law Firm, P.A. focuses its practice of law representing property insurance policyholders in the greater Sarasota area. We represent policyholders that have a claim dispute with their insurance carrier or have experienced commercial or residential property damage.


The firm's founder Sergio Molinari, Esq. is an experienced litigation attorney and advocate for property and business owners in the State of Florida. He previously reresented some of the largest national insurers and uses that experience to now aggressively fight, preserve, and protect the legal rights of policyholders under their insurance policy.


The Molinari Law Firm, P.A. can assist you in the following types of insurance disputes:


Water, Flood & Mold Claims 

Sinkhole Claims

Construction Defects


Hurricane, Hail, Lightning & Storm Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

Business Interruption

Theft Insurance Claims

Vandalism Claims

Pipe Break Claims

Roof Leak Claims

Examination Under Oath Representation

Business Income Loss Claims

Agent Errors and Omissions

Insurance Claim Appeals

Insurance Bad Faith*



*When an insurance company fails to honor the obligations in your insurance contract, or fails to perform some other responsibility it has to you pursuant to the insurance you purchased, you may have a case against the insurance company for "bad faith." Every insurance contract contains an unwritten, invisible, or implied term referred to as the covenant or promise of good faith and fair dealing. This is a promise imposed by law upon an insurance company to always act fairly towards its insureds in handling their claims. Carriers must meet the reasonable expectations of the policyholder and an insurer must always give as much consideration to the financial interests of its insureds as it does to its own financial interests. The Molinari Law Firm, P.A. aggressivley litigates every insurance bad faith claim we handle in order to maximize our clients' recovery.


If you are experiencing a claim related dispute with an insurance carrier, contact The Molinari Law Firm, P.A. for a free no obligation consultation.

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